Whole Life Insurance Can Be So Much More Than Just a Death Benefit…



> You don’t lose money when the markets tumble
> Growth is guaranteed; you will have more cash year after year
> Use your money and still have full dividend growth!


> You decide when and how to use your money
> Create your own payback schedule 


> No age restrictions; no credit applications required
> Use your cash for retirement, college funding, and much more

Tax Consequences

> Growth, dividends, loans, and withdrawals can be tax-free under current tax laws

Fees and Expenses

> No surprise fees and expenses
> No unexpected costs


First, this is not a 5-minute proposition. We spend a significant amount of time explaining the product inside and out, and we need to know that you are as excited about it as we are!  With proper knowledge, this product will work best and meet your financial goals in the safest possible manner.

Second, we have a heart-to-heart conversation with you to help us customize a plan to satisfy your particular needs and goals.

Third, we use a specific type of whole life policy from only a handful of insurance companies that satisfy our strict requirements. With our unique training and experience, we structure the policy with creativity, certain riders, and ratios to be sure more cash is in your pocket, compared to the conventional approach.

Fourth, we review everything with you in detail.

Fifth, you decide to apply! A properly structured Whole Life insurance Plan is a proven way to provide not just a death benefit, but also a life benefit. That means you can accumulate cash inside your plan consistently, with tax advantages and accessibility. You can borrow or use that cash throughout your life without penalties or fees.  And, when you do so, your dividends keep growing as if you haven’t borrowed a penny.

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