BUT…My investment advisor thinks it’s a bad idea!

Again, not everyone understands the concept, but this should be at least a part of everyone’s portfolio.

BUT…Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Not everyone understands it, nor does everyone qualify.

BUT…My accountant thinks term insurance is the way to go!

There is no question that term insurance has the lowest cash outlay and is a way to protect the family for a certain number of years.  It does not take advantage of IRS tax laws which can provide efficient cash accumulation.

BUT…The premium is high!

Do not think of the premium as pure cost, but positioning your dollars to provide cash growth.  Term insurance premiums, on the other hand, are pure cost unless you die at the right time.

BUT…I can get Universal Life cheaper!

Universal Life is a series of 1-year term insurance policies strung together.  As the policy ages, it becomes more expensive and the costs eat into your cash value.  As a result, your retirement income can suffer.

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