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your investment account when markets fall

What happens to your investment account, or 401(k), when the markets are falling?

Learn what happens to your investment account when markets fall. We have seen tremendous volatility in the stock markets over the last 16+ years, haven’t we?  Twice in that period the market indices have gone lower by well over 30%! What have we seen in the Whole Life policies we use for wealth accumulation and

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Financial Advisor Commisions

Your Financial Advisor is Carrying a Loaded Weapon

Your Financial Advisor is Carrying a Loaded Weapon   When looking to invest in a new car, most people cringe at the thought of having to deal with a silver-tongued salesperson. A sales approach can be intimidating, and can create confusion regarding the attributes or benefits of the product, and how it relates to your

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The Social Security Dilemma: Take it Now, Or Wait? (Part 2)

In the first part of our presentation on the Social Security Dilemma… We suggested that the breadwinner (or older) member of the family take the SS payments at Full Retirement Age (FRA). Assuming the cash is not necessary for immediate living expenses, use that to purchase a “10-pay” Whole Life insurance policy. That will create:

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Simplifying Your Financial Instruments Now Will Pay Dividends Later

When it comes to retirement planning, we have been spoon-fed the ideology that in order to grow our wealth we must engage is some form of risk-taking. Whether it be in the form of investing in the stock market or purchasing “just-in-case” insurance policies that have no payout, most people tend to jump on the

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The Social Security Dilemma: Take it Now, Or Wait?

Should we take our Social Security benefits at “Full Retirement Age” (FRA), or wait? The Social Security Administration (SSA) will add 8% every year from your FRA to age 70. We present an option, for those who qualify, to enhance later income, create consistent growth of asset(s), and add risk management through the use of Whole Life

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Saving For College Tuition While Salvaging Your Retirement

If you have a loved one who hopes to attend college someday, you know the importance of saving for this major educational expense. At the same time, many of us also want to be sure to have enough retirement income to live comfortably in our golden years. Are these two financial objectives at odds? No! There

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What Will You Do If Your Pension Fund Isn’t There For You?

A “private pension plan”, instead of, or in combination with, your provided plan might make sense… This is a very serious situation – not in its singularity, but commonality*. We, as a society, experienced a fantastic unprecedented growth period in our securities markets, and in our capitalist system for roughly twenty years, 1980 – 2000…a.k.a. “The Roaring

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Why Real Estate Investors LOVE Bank on Yourself!

Real estate investors are always looking out for the best way to help fund their property ventures. For these savvy investors, the “Bank on Yourself” investment method may prove to be an excellent companion to their real estate investments and a key piece of their overall portfolio. Through this method, investors draw AGAINST the value of their

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Safe Retirement Planning Regardless of Stock Market Status

By the time you are ready to retire, do you know the total dollar amount in savings you will have accumulated? What about the cost of living 20 or 30 years down the line? Most Americans have a vague understanding as to what will be required to live out the rest of their lives comfortably.

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Life Insurance with Long-Term Care For an 18-Year-Old?

Yes, a college freshman has just applied for a life insurance policy with a Long-Term Care rider, a second rider to ensure continued premium payments in the case of total disability (thereby ensuring cash growth) and a third rider to provide additional insurance later if desired. More accurately, a parent is purchasing the policy for the freshman. Why?

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